Sunday, June 4, 2017

The RV Grin

First flight today. The plane flew perfectly. It was hands off level and no yaw. I flew a factory 12 with an instructor in the morning and when we taxied off he said I had a good feel for the plane and to go ahead and fly mine... so I did. Flew off card 1 with no problems so far. I'll leak check it in the morning and take it out again for some slow flight and stalls before I move onto card 2. Very happy with how it turned out and extremely happy with the response of the 12.
One of the coolest things about flying this plane is the view. Amazing!

The RV Grin

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  1. Jim -- Congrats on your RV-12! Send me your email address and I will add your name to the list of known SFO-area RV-12ers. We occasionally swap info and get together to talk RV-12. -- David 707-953-5021
    David Heal - Windsor, CA (near Santa Rosa)
    EAA #23982 - EAA Technical Counselor and Flight Advisor; CFI - A&I
    RV-12 E-LSA #120496 (SV w/ AP and ADS-B) - N124DH flying since March 2014 - 500+ hours (as of May 2017)!
    VAF donation through June 2018.