Monday, September 23, 2013

Page 15-02 Build Time: 314 hrs

Making progress on the FWD ribs. Had a productive day yesterday but still quite a ways to go before I'll be attaching these to the spar.

Only a small pile of FWD ribs left to deburr. Still need to scuff, flute and prime. I'll get the aft ribs to the same point before primer.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Page 15-02 Build Time: 307 hrs

Section 14 complete. On to the ribs!
Rear spars finished and looking good.

Rivets look good.
 Got through cutting off the required pieces of all the forward ribs. I read the entire section carefully and when it got to attaching the right ribs to the left spars I thought it didn't make sense. Once I read it all it does make sense. They just call ribs that point one way - inboard I believe - right and left. I managed to get 5 of them deburred. It won't take too long since they don't have too many deep slots in the flanges. Most of the debur will happen on the wheel and I've been finishing up with a scotch brite wheel on the die grinder. The lightning holes do need an initial prep since they're pretty rough. I haven't fluted any parts yet. I'll leave that until after they are scuffed since that interferes with the pad and makes it a little harder. I plan on using the "2 inch" method on you tube and see how that works out.