Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Page 14-02 Build Time: 279 hrs

     Got through enough parts to have a primer session this coming weekend. Everything is ready to go for section 14 as well as the servo tray and trim parts that I didn't get to from the empanage kit. I haven't posted too much about the problems I've run into on this blog (I haven't run into any significant problems other than what I had hoped for better results on the empanage - Vans says build it and fly it so that's the plan). Reading through other post though there are tricks and gotchas that are a great source of info. So going forward if I run into anything I'll post it.
     The parts below are the typical lot. Working through debut, counter sink, match drill and final drill then through scuff, clean and prime really does get you very familiar with each part and you can see how it comes together. I won't be able to assemble this lot until August since I'll be off on vacation next week making my way to AirVenture on the motorcycle. Next year I'll fly there but I don't expect to be able to do that in this plane.
     I did buy the buffer motor and a stand for my debur wheel. It's a great addition since the motor has a smaller diameter than the wheel (for now at least) and a longer shaft. You can work parts much easier with this setup. I also have the stand on wheels so it's mobile and it seems to be working out well.
     Eventually I may buy a second wheel for the other side. I put the buffer pad on there looking for balance and also so I wouldn't loose the attachment parts. One of the great aspects of building a project like this is buying tools. I suspect at some point I'll get involved with the local EAA chapter and help others.

All cleaned up and ready to prime
The old setup - a grinder with the debur wheel hanging off the side of a table.
The new setup - stand alone - longer shaft and smaller diameter motor.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Page 14-02 Build Time: 272 hrs

Back to turning aluminum into art. I've finally finished school and have my weekends back to work on the plane. I finished section 13 in June and it wasn't that big of a deal. There are only a handful of rib clips to debur and attach and I didn't prime them since the half of them are already on the spar and I see no point in trying to prime those. The spars are hung in the rafters for now while I work though section 14. Those parts will be primed as well as the rest of the wing assembly Section 14 is pretty straight forward and I was very carful not to take any more material off the stub spars where they will mate with the fuselage. I've read where others have found the wing rocking due to a bad fit and I think I read where there are over sized stubs but that would be a nightmare trying to dig those out of the assembly. I should have the parts for section 14 ready to prime next weekend and will have a primer day the following weekend. After that I'm off to OSK on the motorcycle. A long ride to the midwest. I've done it a couple times and it's always an adventure. Next year the plan is to take the mighty Cessna to OSK with the Hayward Air Rally.
This turned out to be a nice way to gage the countersink. Make a template and size the hole. 
Getting a nice group of parts ready for prime. Most of the deburring was done on the scotchbrit wheel. While I was in Harbor Tools the other day I saw a nice polishing motor. It has a longer shaft and a lower profile. They didn't have any in the box but I'll grab one next time I'm there. It was only $35 and doing this on the wheel is so much faster.
Not sure if the photo depicts the difference but the parts are pretty rough before debur. On the right are finished parts.
Aluminum to Art!