Sunday, June 2, 2013

Page 13-02 Build Time: 254 hrs
Debur Wing Rib clips

Found some time this weekend to work on section 13. Deburred the wing rib clips and did all the match drilling called out. Noticed that many of the holes in the main spar needed to be drilled out since there wasn't perfect alignment. Also, for anyone just starting out this is a great piece to see how Van's deburrs the parts. It's pretty rough compared to what I started out with and I still cleaned up what I though wasn't to my standards but it's clear they just run the parts down the scotch brite wheel and radius the edges. I haven't been able to put the time in I want to due to taking some programming courses and the homework involved. I did manage to get a work table built. I was working off saw horses and a folding table up to now but the spars are heavy and long and I needed something I could roll around when needed. So a couple weeks ago I bought some wood and spent the afternoon building out a bench. I had hesitated on a bench since it becomes a permanent fixture in the garage unless you cut it up and haul it off. I plan on getting a hanger so it will have value there. The spars should go quickly and I intend to be into section 14 next weekend.
I found it interesting that they have you tapping the top and bottom of the tie down brackets. Not sure why though. I skimmed ahead and I don't see anywhere that you would access the top of the bracket but perhaps there is and I missed it. I guess if it's accessible it could be used to help handle the wings but I wouldn't fly with it as everything has a drag penalty and round things are pretty significant. In any case, I just follow the directions.
I do miss working on this. I filled reservations for a N number. Still says the one I filled for is available so I don't know what that's about but I've settled on what I want.