Sunday, March 29, 2015

Section 28 complete - build time 925 hours

Well, almost complete. I haven't tightened up the fuel lines yet as I have some stuff to take on and off and there's no point in tightening some but not all. This section went pretty quickly although I did put in a solid day working slowly through the chapter. I didn't want to mess up any tubing because while it's inexpensive (I'm sure) the kit only has enough to do what you're supposed to do. Anything mistakes and you are calling Vans and waiting a week. Everything came out nice and the areas where I tried to overthink things a bit were covered in the instructions. Happy with how it came out.

I also inventoried section 29 and read through the chapter. This is the last batch of parts that constitute what it takes to look like a plane. There's still the tank and the covers but they come some time down the road. After section 29 it will be time to put the pieces together.
All the little parts and tools for fuel systems.
Fuel line, return line and flow sensor.
The fuel valve. Still need to prime the bracket and install it which will happen after the next batch of parts are primed.
The fuel pump and plumbing.
Finally on to the last of the sheet metal.
Avionics shelf.
Section 29 all laid out. A couple weekends of deburring and priming before they go on the plane.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Section 27 complete - build time 915 hours

Completed the rudder pedals and brakes this weekend. Finally a section that didn't require deburring, priming, pre assembly and final assembly. Everything came out nice. I've seen stainless steel brake lines for sale but after working with the plastic lines I'm sure they're going to be fine. They are really strong. I also started section 28, Fuel, and I could have finished both this weekend but I had other stuff to take care of. There's not much left to do on the fuel system but final assembly will wait until the top half of the fire wall is completed.
Drilling out the brake pedals on the bench. This is the only thing that is done other than assembly.
Shot of the pedal assembly completed.
Close up of the right side controls.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Section 26 complete - build time 905 hours

Section 26 - the seat backs are complete along with most of section 25 except I didn't attach the tail cone yet. It would be too big for the shop but I'm close to attaching it. The next sections are rudder, brakes and fuel system and at that point I may attach the tail cone because I think the wing attach is coming up. It's really starting to look like a plane. About 14 hours was spent redoing the forward skins and lower firewall. The assembly fell off the bench and it bent it a bit so I decided just to order new parts and rebuild it. It took some time to attach it but everything looks good.

Turtle deck cleco'd in place. This doesn't get riveted on until after the tail cone is attached.
Finished the seats Friday night after work. They went together pretty quickly.
Starting to look like a flying machine.
Seats came out nice. Time to have them finish the interior.