Saturday, May 27, 2017

Experimental RV696VA Cleared for Takeoff

The project is an airplane now. The Airworthiness Certificate was issued May 26th, 2017. The DAR was a very nice person and the entire inspection was a non-event. I stressed a bit about registration and certification but it was just the unknown. I knew I'd figure it out when the time came and it really was simple. Two weeks to get the registration in the mail and four days notice to the DAR to come by and inspect the plane.

It's a big step going from project to plane, somewhat melancholy. I know I built it to fly but building it was all I have done for the last four and a half years. There's still stuff to fiddle with - and lots of stuff to learn about it - and of course phase 1 flight testing.

So this should be the last entry to the building of my RV-12. Thanks to all who found this interesting.

New builders who might find this blog useful should note - there's not too much info on mistakes. I made them, tore it apart and fixed them. You will make them. So please, take it apart and do it right.

And finally:
If I had to do it over again...
For the RV-12, no EAB. It's not worth it. Literally any thing you do outside of VANS design will have consequences that only come out in CAD. And if you venture too far out on the EAB limb well - you're on your own.

Primer war comment - having used epoxy primer on the inside of the plane I would not recommend any primer. Most of these planes will outlive the builder or second and possible subsequent owners. It adds weight, adds significant time and messing with paints like this will kill you if you don't respect them.

Still a ways to go before I actually fly it but it is airworthy and I'm sure will be in the air within a week.

Signing off